Archery & Joust Tournaments are coming!!

Tons of Medieval Themed STUFF all week up until the very end of the Medieval Festival on the 18th! We have Music and Battle chess on Thursday, Tournaments all weekend, More Live musicians, and another round of The Dragon Maze for those that missed it last weekend plus the Ongoing fundraising for the animals ( $37,500 L Raised so far, we need to hit $100K!!!) and the Wootberry Wine Hunt continues as well! All this plus regular activities like The Wham Bam Poetry Slam tonight and Shandy the only Hedgehog DJ spinning tunes tommorow night!

Info about the Archery & Joust Tourneys!

The Archery Tourney will be Saturday and start at 12pm noon sharp! We’ll accept the first 16 competitors as thats our maximum that can compete. At 11 am the Board will open to allow people to enter themselves by touching the scoreboard.  After seeding the  tournament with the competitors, Archers will face off against each other , and the best score of 5 shots will allow them to advance until we have a Champion!  The Champion will receive the coveted Golden Bow Trophy & 500L. 2nd & 3rd Place will receive $250L & $150L Respectively.

The Joust Tournament is on Sunday and starts at 11 am SLT on the Button! Again we can only accept 16 competitors so like the Archery event the day before… Plan to arrive early to assure yourself a spot! Once the Tournament Scoreboard is opened, people may enter themselves into the Tournament by touching the board.

All rounds will be SINGLE ELIMINATION with the Exception of the Championship Match which will be best of three ( AKA 2 out of 3 falls).

Trophies awarded to the top 3 finishers. Grand Champion will receive $1000L, 2nd place $500L 3rd Place $250 L

Bloodsong is teaching Classes for Raglan U at the Joust & Archery Platform all week on how to Joust properly using the Lance and Hud while atop your Horse! Check the Event Calendar for class times!

Also you can practice at the Archery Range and at the Joust Tilt all week until the day of each tournament so feel free to get some practice in! Bows & arrows that you need for the archery are free at the Archery Range and Demo Horses and Demo Lances are available at the Tents by the Joust Tilt as well as full version Horses with and without Armor and Lances, both for purchase.

*NOTE – The Demo Lance will NOT work with the practice Rings and Practice dummies but you can still practice Jousting with a friend on the Tilt with the demo.

More Info later in the week about other Medieval STUFF and if you haven’t cast your vote for a secondary charity for the animals, please visit the forums and do so!!


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