Inworldz Raglan Phase 2!

Phase 2 Begins!

On Sept 10th I sent out personal emails to those folks who had read the notices and web posts detailing what was required to get a shop or home on Inworldz Raglan. Those that took the time and initiative to email me received the email that i sent out. In the 3 weeks since then we have moved happy tiny folken onto the Tree either in shops or homes.

It is now time to start the next phase. There are still lots of nice shops and homes available so community members who might have missed the first phase can certainly get in on this as well os other friends who might be new to Raglan whether they are Inworldz based or not. We are inviting people ( If they once again are willing to spend a little time here) to go through the list of whats available and jot down your 3 top choices and send them to me on a notecard in IW.

You can use this link at to see whats available and whats taken.

I will try my best to get you your first choice but just in case, this is why we’re asking you include a 2nd and 3rd choice as well. Please identify each structure by its address.  Be it on #4 Lower Monmouth Platform or # 9 Daisyblue Platform. It is the only way i know of to identify each building. Address are a combo of the Building Number and the platform its located on.  Once you’ve been assigned to a building be it home or shop, you’ll need an invite to the Artisan Group either as a merchant or a resident. Im not on due to crazy RL stuff but If I am, I can add you tot he Artisan group as well as Etheria, Oceanoz and Teal who also have the ability to add people as well, so look for them 🙂

Will detail more info later and feel free to address any questions to me or one of us in the artisan group, Like Raglan in SL , IW Raglan is a very friendly and welcoming place.. IN A GINORMOUS TREE.. jus saying 🙂

Once again these homes and shops are being provided rent free. We’re hoping this experiment will show that our community will take the time and make this a truly unique place and not just take it for granted and put up shops never to be seen again. We have worked very hard to make a truly amazing place for all to enjoy but without the community spirit and character, its just another pretty build. Again nobody expects you to spend all your time in Inworldz.. Ive said repeatedly that  Second Life is still our main home. But its a unique opportunity as tiny pioneers to help grow this grid and meet new people and be creative and collaborate not just with our own community but new people who want to be a part of it as well.

So if you’re interested, follow the instructions above and we look forward to having you be a part of our happy tree family in Inworldz Raglan 🙂


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