4th Raglan Shire Medieval Festival!

It’s time to get Medieval!

This Saturday begins the 4th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival which is the event that started it all 3 years ago in regards to all the themed big events we have for the community to enjoy!

From Sept 4th through the 19th we’ll have 3 weekends of Medieval themed faire for everyone to come get their Medieval on! This weekend kicks off with a bang with the Opening Grand Ball Saturday at 12pm noon SLT from the Great Hall in Castle Raglan. Formal Medeival attire required with Medieval zowie music spun by Sir DJ Shady the Fox’eth!

The Next Day on Sunday at noon we have a Live musical performance at the Castle Courtyard Stage from our friend , the Extremely Talented MichellD Eksol who is just amazing.

The remainder of the Festival will have more Live musical performances,fortune telling and Scavenger hunting and the Incredible Dragon Maze event plus The Golden Bow Archery Tournament , Battle chess, Sword fighting Tourneys, Fundraising for our Animals (more info bout that to come) with the wishing well and stockades, plus Medieval Movies from the Forest Theater atop The Great Tree Steve and the culmination of the Festival on the last day with the Annual Raglan Tiny Joust!

More details to follow but for now, feel free to explore the Medieval Square which features fine medieval themed tiny wares at the Artisan Tents and at the Armory as well as Raglan Castle you ( look for the secret passageways!) which has tons to see and  where you can hang out at Ye Old Frootcake Pub for some wootberry mulled wine and a game of Frootcake! Be sure and take the teleport signs on the medieval square up to the Jousting and Archery area where you can practice archery ( and soon jousting practice will be available too) and test your mettle in the Incredible ginormous Hedge Maze…. but be careful.. you might get lost never to be seen or heard again!

All in all This years Medieval Festival is Packed with things to do, see, hear and play in! It all starts Saturday at noon!