2010 Medieval Festival Recap- Epilogue

Fare the well until next year!!

The 4th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval festival ended this past weekend after 3 weekends of frenetic medieval activity!  Tiny folken gallivanted about dressed in fine Medieval ware and armors. Music was played, folken danced and hunted for missing wootberry wine pouches containing treasures, Dragons were thwarted , Mazes challenged the brave & adventurous and Champions were victorious in the Archery & Jousting tournaments!

Grats to Kylinn who took top honors in the 2010 Golden Bow Tourney and to Bloodsong who ousted all who came before him with his stabby stabby thing to become Grand Champion of the 2010 Joust!  Huzzah to you both!

We also raised $140,000 L on the nose for the Animals during the Fest which is $17,000L more then we raised last year!! Thanks to everyone who helped raise the money either through wishing well donation or helping imprison and free guilty parties from the stockades! No matter the amount, every little bit helps!

During the Medieval Festival we also had a contest on the forums to determine our secondary charities. I tallied up the votes and our winners for secondary charities are:




You can see the results and voting tally as well as explanation of when moneys will be sent to renew our adoption of our Giraffe and Tapir and sending monies to the two winning secondary charities at this thread:


Thanks to all who helped make the Medieval Festival what we hope was a fun experience for folken. Thanks to the people who helped with organizing, builds, events, hosting, teaching, performing, morale, fundraising and anyone else who participated in any way!

All good things come to an end however and we say a fond farewell to the Medieval Festival *waves*

The grounds have been cleaned off… The castle transported to a magical place to await next years Fest, The Medieval Square fades into the ether, the Jousting & Archery have been packed down awaiting next years competitors to be crowned champions… and a stillness hangs in the air as we take a deep breath and begin to prepare for..

SHOCKTOBER…  it’s coming…..

Be Afraid.

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