Raglan Shire Inworldz

Once upon a time, There was a place called Raglan Shire, a place where the tinies lived and played. It prospered and grew and it was good. In later years however, whispers came of a great uncertainty that was sweeping the neighboring lands where the big folken lived.

It was decided that a secondary location far far away should be started in case anything should happen. And so one fateful morning, a merry band of tinies set out on a ship loaded with supplies, waffles, wootberries and a single seed from the Great Tree Steve.

Their quest was to find a place where they could start a colony of the Raglan Shire. After weeks of sailing through uncharted seas they arrived on a desert isle that miraculously had an abundant source of fresh water.

After making a temporary camp, they found a spot in the middle of the island and planted the Seed from the Great tree Steve. The Seed took root and after much care and some special alchemical feeding from the magical wootberry juice, grew into a tree of such size that it burst through the clouds and towered over the land. It was the greatest tree of all.

The tinies then worked night and day and day and night building a Great City upon the tree and in the process created a magical place for all to come and explore and enjoy.

Welcome to Raglan Shire Inworldz, The Tree the tinies of the Raglan Shire will come to call their second home.


So what’s it all mean? Well for one thing it means that Raglan Shire in Second Life is not moving! BAM! Not going anywhere! We’re still going to be doing what we’ve tried to do best over the past 3+ years which is provide a friendly, creative and fun place in Second Life for folken of tiny and all sizes to come and interact, collaborate and generally have a silly time. We’ll still be having our Medieval Fests, and Shocktobers and Winterfests and Raglan U classes and Games and everything people have grown to expect from our most excellent community.

Inworldz Raglan Shire and the Ginormous Tree there will be a place people can come and explore and enjoy. It will be a satellite location of the over all Shire and while it is by no means required that anyone come visit. It will be there for our community. For those interested in being a part of our new adventure, we will be making available 40+ shops and 40 Homes rent free for those who don’t already have shops or homes in Inworldz and who are willing to spend a lil time there. More info on how we plan to fairly get folks into dwellings and shop spaces later but for now we continue to grow the tree and test everything out before the official launch.

While the Inworldz grid itself is in an alpha state and much work by the founders is being done 24/7 to improve and add features, so far we are very happy with what this rapidly growing grid will provide and provides in its current state.  Feel free to come visit and we will make more info available on how to sign up free in Inworldz , create your account and other info on building and exporting your things to the Inworldz grid in the forums for those who need help.

In the meantime.. Pirate Month continues! YARRRR!!!


8 thoughts on “Raglan Shire Inworldz”

  1. The tree looks incredible – from what I’ve been able to see so far and full credit needs to go to the four or five people – Dagmar, Teal, Zayn, Oceanoz and Etheria – who have been making stuff tirelessly to make it so magical.

  2. WOW, It’s awesome :)) Thank you, Zayn, Teal and whomever else is working on this huge and wonderful project. How do you find the time? Hope to see ya there! APPLAUSE! HOOO!!

  3. How exciting!! I followed your tracks and saw such beautiful sights I had never seen before. I’m still in the process of exploring the many platforms – such creative spark such imaginative genius! I look forward to seeing this new raglanshire outpost bursting into full bloom- Keep up the fantastic work inworldz !!!

  4. I love the video. Rose and I are excited to be part of this – thank you to everyone who volunteers their time and creative energies to making Raglan my happy place.

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