Pirate Month Comes to an end This Sunday!

CelticMaidenWarrior Performs Last weekend

Yarrr!! It’s been a mighty fine Month it has been aye, but all good Pirate things must come to an end! This Sunday marks the final day of The Raglan Pirate Month. We’ll celebrate with some live Pirate Music from talented Singer Gina Stella live from Rabbit Skull Island and maybe we’ll see some fireworks after the show as well as we make Pirate Month walk the Plank to sink to the watery depths of TIny Davey Jones Locker for a year.

We hope you all have enjoyed the Live music, the Treasure Hunting, the Krakken killing, the Pirate Paintball playing, the Galleon Racing and all the other interesting things, games, builds and movies that have marked the last 3 weekends as we’ve celebrating Pirate Month.

Expect to see everything GONE by mid week next week but have no fear… Tho we say adieu to Pirate Days, The SUMMER of WOOT continues as one week from tommorow we kick off the weekend long SUMMER WOOTSTOCK with live musicians, DJ’s and other surprizes..

And very soon… The 4th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival Begins!

So Fire a warning shot across the bow! Hoist the Colors! Its the Last weekend of Pirate Month!

Tinies! The Most Notorious band of Pirates Anywhere!


2 thoughts on “Pirate Month Comes to an end This Sunday!”

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