Moar Info about Inworldz Raglan Shire!

The Garden Cavern inside the base of the Tree!

So a week ago we put some info up about our satellite sim on the Inworldz Grid to gauge the interest in being part of the pioneer spirit and The Tree on the Raglan Shire sim there. Once again we’re looking to provide Free shops and homes (complete with 100 prims each) to community members who don’t already have shops or Homes on the Inworldz grid as well as provide another fun spot for folks from our community to enjoy as well as new friends.

Thats not to say anyone who does have space somewhere else on the Inworldz grid can’t also have space (shop or home) on the Tree, we’re just trying to determine interest from folks who are part of the community first. If we have places left over, we of course will look to make them available to folks who might already have places about the IW grid or wotnot. If this is the case we will work out something fairly as well cuz we all about fair.

Right now I’ve received close to 40 emails from interested folken with another bunch who have expressed interest as well but who haven’t sent emails and again once we’re ready we’ll have 40 shops and 40 homes so we’re thinking we have plenty of spots for folks.

We’re estimating opening the sim in 2 weeks as at that point the first batch of the Original Tiny avatars created by Wynx should be available in INWORLDZ at her shop on the Raglan Tree. At that point we will start contacting folks and work out a way to get folks into shops and homes. Still working out the best way to fairly get people into the various structures. We’ll probably have a variation of a lottery or some other similar means of matching people up with the spaces they need.  To all the folks who have emailed, Look for more info as we approach the official opening here and in notices and I’ll even try and personally email everyone as well. If you are interested but haven’t emailed, feel free to send me some 🙂

We really love the Inworldz Grid and even though Second Life is still our primary home, its nice to “BRANCH” out so to speak into such a new world with a great and friendly development team.. We be TIny Pioneers! 😀

Moar Info soon!

Tommorow… look for an Announcement about the upcoming 4th Annual Raglan Shire Tiny Medieval Fest! *hint: its not tiny at all! its Ginormous! w000t!*

3 thoughts on “Moar Info about Inworldz Raglan Shire!”

  1. Wow, the “satellite” Raglan is looking beautiful, and I’m so excited about the official opening, as well as the arrival of Wynx tinies! Raglan FTW!

  2. Oh it’s gorgeous! I been exploring, and it a most awesomely wonderful an’ beeyootiful place. I can hardly waits for da Wynx tines for Inworldz to be available! ^_^

    Congratulations to all who took part in its design and build, and preparation of compatible tiny avatars!
    Woot! Woot!

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