MONSTORE!! One of the Many Fun Shops soon to be available 🙂

Slowly but surely The Inworldz Raglan Shire sim and the TREE are being readied for the community. As stated previously we are looking to provide 40 Homes & 40 Shops and 100 prims for each RENT FREE for members of the community that are genuinely interested in spending a little time in INWORLDZ Grid and who don’t ALREADY have shops in Inworldz.

Inworldz is beginning to experience what will soon be an exponential growth pattern and even right now the ratio of members and users online at any given time is similar to Second Life. When we entered there was 2700 registered users. Now 7 weeks later there are nearly 11,000 and growing every day. While still an alpha there have been many improvements and more coming all the time. (Raglan Shire is actually being used on their BETA grid to test and tweak) This is a fantastic time to get in as a pioneer while uploads are free and again, we are looking to provide Shops and Homes RENT FREE for folks who want to dip their paws into another grid.

Again Second Life Raglan is here for the immediate future and is our home Grid, but as a backup, just in case, and also cuz it fun… we decided to have another place on another grid where people can do their thing. The Tree on Inworldz Raglan is pretty amazing and we have built some very whimsical and fun Homes and shops for folks.

Right now before we go Live, we need to determine the interest level of folks and see who genuinely wants to participate. We don’t expect people to spend all their time in Inworldz.. that would be silly, but we are looking for folks who want to spend a lil time there either with homes or to open up shops for tiny and fun wares. (if you want a place just cuz its free but don’t intend to spend any real time on this new grid.. this offer not for you jhehe) We’ll post a Faq on how to do stuff soon enough and also post more details on how we’re gonna fairly assign folks out homes and shops but first as stated before, we need to guage Interest.. SO…

If you’re interested please EMAIL me at stating your interest. Depending on how many respond , we can determine how many from our community want to PLAY and if we have enough shops and homes (40 and 40 for now), and if we will also let folks on the Inworldz side (who have been asking and are super interested in our community) have space there too.

Once we’ve determined interest we can start figuring out specifics. But for now again, Email with your name (and or names if you’re a group), and if you would be interested in a Home or a Shop which again will be RENT FREE and come with 100 prim 🙂

We’re still a whiles away from being Live but once it is live… it’ll be a true Tiny Invasion 😀

2 thoughts on “INWORLDZ RAGLAN… Needz YOO!”

  1. i talked to LittleBlackDuck Lindsay (owner of Tinytoriana in Inworldz). And he tipped me onhow to get lindens transfert from SL to Inworldz.

    –>text notecard he gave me:End notecard<–

    Always handy to have some money overthere 🙂

  2. oops something went wrong, here is the notecard

    You can transfer money between SecondLife and InWorldz using our Automatic Teller Machines.

    Please make sure the account name in both Second Life and InWorldz are exactly the same, or you will not be able to transfer funds.

    Locations of ATMs:
    In Second Life, it is in Leda region. Search for the persons “Legion Hienrichs” or “Elenia Llewellyn” in SL and look in Picks.
    To transfer L’s or I’z, simply pay the machine to transfer.

    Then in InWorldz, go to InWorldz Desert Isle, at this LM:

    Stand near the machine and type in chat: “withdraw”. Your currency will be transferred to your account.

    The current exchange rate (Summer of 2010) is two I’z for each L$.

    If you are transferring large amounts from InWorldz into Second Life, please send an email to to notify us. We will then make sure the L’s are available on our ATM for you to withdraw. This can take up to 24-48 hours, for large transactions (anything beyond 2500L’s).

    Thank you and we hope you enjoy your adventures in exploring Virtual Worlds!

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