Welcome to The Month of JANE!

Holy Wootberries Batman! We’re halfway through the Year!

Jane is usually one of our more laid back months as we take a Lil breather after slamming through the first half of the year with the Mardi-Gras and the SciFi Birthday Celebration and the 5th Raglan Shire Artwalk (On a Hedge!). Janes the month where we collapse in exhaustion and chillax a bit while we prepare for the big mongo Pirate Month Celebration which starts mid Jelly and  is part of this years First ever SUMMER OF WOOT! (Fanfare!)

But have no fear! Theres still plenty of STUFF this month! The Raglan Shire State Line Drive In Theater is back all month and will be showing Movies each weekend! Pick a car to sit in, make sure your speakers turned on, grab some tasty snacks from the concession stand and BAM! MOVIE!! AT A DRIVE IN!

This coming weekend on Saturday at noon Liandras and Iwanta host The Big Tiny Paintball Tournament of Fun (and Chaos! w00t!)!! They’ve created a ginormous urban City block with buildings and streets and parks and all sorts of places to run around and hide ( In an URBAN ENVIRONMENT) and BLAST each other with Paintball guns! Its BLAST OR BE BLASTED!! Prizes to be awarded! Its Perfect Jane Mayhem 😀

Raglan U classes also being taught this weekend on Saturday at 10 am as well as Professor Gramma Fiddlesticks teaches an Intro to Sculpties class at Raglan U!  Learn how to make sculptys! (on a stick!)

In 2 weeks, theres a Big  English Football match being planned as Raglan takes on The Elf Clan! THOCCER ACTION! Tiny Style! BAM!! Look for info to come!

The Mega Raglan Shire Block Party planned for the last weekend of Jane rounds it all out as Folks are invited to come together to meet your neighbors, enjoy some snow cones and cotton candy and other sundries and usher in the SUMMER of WOOT with games and fireworks and music and moar STUFF!  Details to come as well! Also look for the 2nd Annual Sockhop and special showing of GREASE to come as well before PIRATE MONTH Starts!

So Welcome to the Month of JANE, a great time to chillax with friends..

cuz thats how Jane rolls!

Awwww yeah…

4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Month of JANE!”

  1. oh yes cotton candy and snow cones made by me 😀

    we gonna need to form a block party committee so we can plan fun party weekend.

  2. For a month without any main themed event this is gonna be awesome fun, awesome, educational and action packed month 😀

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