Raglan Shire @ SL7B

On June 23, 2010, Second Life will be officially seven years old. The event starts at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, June 21 and runs through Sunday, June 27 – and Raglan has a plot to help celebrate!

The Grid.... powered by tinies and waffles =)

Powering the Grid

Waffle Power!

The fab build for Raglan was envisioned by Chaffro, and was built with the helpful paws of many Raglan residents including Chaffro, Shadow, Panacea, Dagmar, and Misa.

So between June 21 and June 27 be sure to stop by! (SLURL)

4 thoughts on “Raglan Shire @ SL7B”

  1. The theme of this year’s SL7B is “Unexpected Collaborations.” Because I think of Second Life as a great social networking tool, I kinda see it as a collaborative effort all the time. As tinies, we collaborate on every event we put together, and those collaborations change from event to event, finding different strengths from different people. So, I thought it’d be kinda cool if we played up on how collaborative we are, by suggesting that our collaborations run further than just a birthday celebration. Our build is like a power hub for ALL of SL – our collaborative efforts make the world function, so it’s a control centre for the entire Grid, powered by tinies and waffles!

    All of the above people did indeed lend a helping paw, whilst the fruit of the Waffle trees came from Etheria, Luna and Bree!

  2. I love it!

    Tinies power the grid and waffles power the tinies. To think the world would end if there was ever a waffle shortage.

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