Saying goodbye to our friend Daisyblue

Daisyblue, Friend of the Shire and so many others. We will miss her.

Yesterday afternoon our friend Daisyblue Hefferman passed away in real life due to a stroke she suffered a few days prior. It is tragic and sad and our hearts go out to her family and friends who mourn her passing as we do.

Daisy was a tiny white rabbit when she visited The Shire and had a wonderful shop on Heron Shire full of all manner of tiny creations, clothing, knick knacks and curios. She often came to play Primtionary or visit with friends, participate in events or just wander about during themed months. She was a very friendly and kind lady and in addition to being a tiny part time was involved in many other creative ventures across the grid.

An active member in the Storytellers guild, she loved to tell stories and she was also involved with the Alliance Virtual Library Projects which was a series of Real World Library organization(s) that created interactive and historical builds within Second Life designed to provide information much like a real life library would (but with a 3D virtual world slant). Examples being the Land of Lincoln Historical sim which she built with her (and our) good friend  Krull Aeon (now Krull Quar) as well as her work on the Ray Bradbury Virtual book. She was also involved with the Community Virtual Library group which can be found on the Info Island sims and had a hand in many interesting and unique builds and projects all over the grid.

We will be having a memorial service on Heron Shire in the forest Sunday May 30th at 2pm SLT to honor Daisyblue’s memory. We’ll dedicate a small garden and plaque to her, say some words and read a poem as we say our goodbyes to our friend.

You can also leave a comment and a virtual candle online in her memory for her real life family and friends to see at the following.

Goodbye Daisyblue, your goodwill and creativity insure that you will never be forgotten by the people who you touched and who loved you.

11 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to our friend Daisyblue”

  1. Goodbye Daisyblue, a funny, classy, sassy lady. Even though I knew you in both SL forms,(human biggie and tiny), I will fondly remember you as a tiny white rabbit who was always well dressed with her lipstick and eyelashes.(perfect pic of Daisy btw) When I was a white rabbit you were my twin (except better dressed).

    I wish we had spent more time together, but SL can be like 1st we all get so busy. you were always building and working on so many projects. we even discussed you storytelling in Raglan and I am very sad that is not to be.

    You will be missed and remembered in both first and second life by so many. That is a testament to your great personality and zest for life, which sadly ended so suddenly we didn’t get to say goodbye, dear. So goodbye, Daisyblue, peace, love and waffles.

  2. I am disappointed with myself to say I almost always saw and chatted with Daisyblue at Primtionary. She was one of the more regular regulars and I always thought she would be, and therefore didn’t make the time to spend any more quality time with her. I’d see her in passing around the Shires, but never really spend more than a few minutes with her.

    In retrospect, I know I’ve missed out on enjoying the warmth, the friendliness, the kindness and the fun that she displayed in those few brief meetings in even more inspiring surroundings; but at the same time, I shall forever cherish and treasure those moments and remember her at her very best, at being a kind and friendly tiny who I was always pleased to see.

    God speed Daisyblue.

  3. I am so sad to hear of Daisyblue’s passing. Even though I only knew her as a tiny, she was one of the nicest, most approachable creature on Raglan. I loved visiting with her and we sometimes IMd. And she will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Daisy you will be really missed. You have many friends who will always remember you.

  5. I wish I’d bumped into more, Daisy, and learnt more of the activities you were involved in. We all know that Tinies are a big family, they are certainly my family, and like any family member I know that you will be sorely missed by those closest to you. Goodbye Daisy.

  6. Daisy, you know so much of my heart, and my life, and you carry it with you now. i know some of your heart and your life, and it will go with me, as i walk my pathway. i’ll miss you, but one day i’ll see you again, and thank you for helping me to learn to show my heart to others, with a smile on my furry face.

  7. I miss you terribly Daisyblue. You were taken so suddenly. You had so many tiny friends who all cared about you.

    All the tinies are so caring and wonderful. You truly captured many hearts and attracted so much love.

    You helped so many selflessly and happily. My heart aches with each passing day. I miss you.

  8. Such a wonderful soul… creative, funny, generous and bringer of loveliness into our second world. I imagine she did the same in RL too. We will miss you, Daisyblue.

  9. Like so many tinies do, we only met during events and brief passings in the Shire, and brought light and life to any event.
    My thoughts go to everyone who was close to her, in any world imaginable.

    Goodbye Daisyblue.

  10. I would often see Daisyblue in the silly cube and at the various events we had and it would always be a joy chatting to her. She’s a genuingly wonderful person and bunny. It will be sad knowing that she’s not here and she will be sorely missed by us all.

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