Announcing The New Dean of Raglan U!

DEAN LORIMAE UNDERCROFT – Top Siamese of Raglan U!

We are very very happy to announce that Lorimae Undercroft has accepted the position of Dean at Raglan U! Due to real life bombardments, Misa Delight, the previous Dean reluctantly had to step down recently and as such, the Hunt for the next Dean began!

Lorimae is a long time friend of the Shire who has her own land on Morning Shire where she runs a shop, an art gallery and where one may find a plethora of distinctive and artistic Catboxes tastefully placed about for viewing enjoyment by visitors.

In Addition, She is an avid and very talented content creator and builder (she built the brand new awesome Raglan U building!) and real life artist who also has a penchant for RL and SL greater learning! Besides taking numerous classes about the Grid to learn and perfect and improve new and existing skills, she has also taught at some of the Grids more well known Second Life based Schools such as Tui and ICE.

Because of her background, creativity, experience in teaching others along with excellent communication skills , we are tickled PURPLE that she has agreed to take on this role as the New Dean! oh and shes also as silly as any tiny can be which FURTHER makes her a perfect choice! BAM!

In addition to The New Dean position being taken on by Lori, Raglan U is also being completely revamped so as to be a more conducive over all learning experience not just for students but for the Faculty as well! Look for more details in the coming weeks as Raglan U prepares for its relaunch!

Welcome Aboard Dean Undercroft! ;D

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  1. Hey I only just read, been busy!
    Congratulations to our new Dean.
    -is considering joining some classes so she can learn to build-
    HOORAY 🙂

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