The ARTWALK on Raglan Shire Approaches!


The 5th Raglan Shire Artwalk is just around the corner and promises to be a wonderful display of all things Artistic & Creative! Since its inception back in 2007 The Raglan Shire Artwalk has grown to become one of the most anticipated Art Shows in all of Second Life!

From May 9th through the end of the month you’ll be able to come and stroll about the Raglan Shire sim and view various works of real life art be they Paintings (oil or acrylic or water color etc) or drawings (charcoal, ink, pencil) or Digital art or RL photography as well as Second Life based Photography  and all of it displayed ON A HEDGE!!!! *HEDGE!!!!*  That is, Hedgerows will be ALLLLL over the sim with Art placed on the Hedge because honestly, As cool as Art is, its SO MUCH COOLER.. ON A HEDGE! 😀

In Addition you’ll also be able to head to the Heron Shire forest and see some amazing works of Second Life Sculpture!  Last years Forest Sculptures were fantabulous and it really is something to be able to walk around in a wooded environment with flowers and trees and view all the Zazztastic works of SL Sculpture that people have created. Plus you’ll also be able to see TOPIARY!  Art made from Hedge! Its two treats in one! 😀

If you would like to be involved and would like to show your works, simply go to this URL

Here you’ll find all the info you need and be able to register! (Registration ends May 4th!)

Whats awesome about our ArtWalk is that we don’t just celebrate Art for arts sake, but that we are celebrating the creativity involved when people express themselves which in itself is what spawns ART! So whether your a seasoned professional or you’ve just starting out, you are whole heartedly encouraged to participate and Display your works!

People come from all over Second Life to see the Art at our Artwalk and its a great opportunity for your work to not just be seen by the throngs of Tinys who are part of the community (many of whom are incredibly talented real life artists) but by hundreds and hundreds or folks from all over the grid! Even if you’re not an artist, we hope you come by to have a look at all the works on display. It really is something else to see! Who knows you might even be inspired!

ART!! ON A HEDGE!!! In SPAAAACE… wait no.. thats over…. jhehe


If you need more info, contact Teal Freenote