Saying Goodbye to SCIFI!!

The Zazz was strong these past 3 weeks!

This past weekend brought to a close our 3 week long Birthday and SciFi celebration and ZOWIE was it fun! The last weekend saw the amazing Alien Lazer Maze created by Catten, Etheria & Pan that sent armed Tinys into an alien labrynth where they had to find their way out AND shoot their way past hoards of Alien Pod people!

The Combat Cards Tournament was also this past weekend and after rounds of fierce combat and battle, two champions for each division were victorious! Grats to Sidney for taking the Demo Deck Division championship and to Hotsauce for winning the championship in the Custom Deck division!! Props to all who participated and big paws up for our good friend Osprey Therian for bringing the tourney to Raglan for Scifi  month! *APAWS*

We also had a very special appearance by Legendary Comic Book industry Illustrator and creator Bernie Wrightson who gave a talk at Spaceport Raglan and showed selections from his work about his career and the industry as well as discussing his involvement in the film industry. A crowd of around 40 enthralled tinys and friend listened for nearly two hours as Mr. Wrightson talked about everything as well as answered questions! It was an extreme treat and highly informative and fun! We can’t thank Bith and Bernie enough for taking the time to come in world  and do such an interesting presentation as they did!  Thanks Bernie and Bith! 😀

We closed it allllllll out on Sunday with a Space Fishing Tourney high in orbit at the Space Ark and later a  WAM BAM musical performance by our friend Ganjo Mokeev who brought the FUNK to a packed house playing tunez of epic sci fi funk proportions and afterwards, everyone danced it out as S FOX (Esquire) spun tunes as Birthday and SciFi Celebration officially came to an end!

I’d like to thank all the folks who helped make this months Theme so much fun and there was a lot of folks who helped! From folks who donated time to host and schedule events, to others who did builds, textures, signs and assorted scifi themed objects for Spaceport Raglan, Space Ferret Stadium, The Futurebild, the Domes and exterior alien landscaping. To the folks who made the awesome Dioramas, to the folks who created all the amazing Scifi themed Wares and Swag for all to enjoy to the musicians & DJs who performed awesome-O Musikz & Tunez and to all of you who came and (hopefully) enjoyed everything!

As awesome a time as all of this was, its now time to Tear it all down and move on to the next Big monthly theme. But have no fear, SCIFI will be back next year bigger and better! Until then keep an eye out as the Shire is once again transformed and preparations begin for next months 5th Annual Raglan Shire ARTWALK.  Look for lots of info about The Artwalk in the next few days and week because as some of you already know… ARTWALK IS INTENTS!!

Also some info soon about The New & Improved Raglan U!!

Less then 2 weeks till ARTWALK 5!

*waves goodbye to SCFI*

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  1. Wow. Didn’t it go quick? Sorry to see it end, but looking forward to Artwalk and next years SciFi.

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