Last Week of SciFI Birthday Celebration!


Birthday and Scifi Month humming along smoothly so far and we’ve had some really fun STUFF in the last few weeks! Live musical performances by FacelessApe Mafusala on the first weekend which was fab and yesterdays Appearance by La Petite Porker Tia MacBain which RULED have set the bar for the music portion! Still more music this upcoming weekend as Ganjo Mokeev returns!!

Other activities such as the Robot Wars Tourney (grats to Cyzicus!), The Worst SciFi Build contest plus the crazy parties and movies and all the amazing wares, swag, displays and dioramas at Spaceport Raglan have made the scifi time pass quickly! We hope everyones been enjoying everything so far!

With this being the last week (SCIFI HOMESTRETCH!), theres still so much to see and do! This weekend theres tons coming up! Theres the Laser shooting gallery event Hosted by Catten & Etheria tentatively scheduled for friday. Theres the Mega Huge COMBAT CARDS Tournament with Boffo Cash & Prizes on Saturday Hosted by Osprey Therian and held at the Amazing SPace Ferret Stadium at Noon. Also on Saturday afterwards  at 4pm is a SPECIAL APPEARANCE by Comics Industry Legend BERNIE WRIGHTSON who will be appearing at Spaceport Raglan talking about The Industry, his acheievements, his thoughts, what hes working on currently as well as a Q&A session afterwards. We’re super Excited!

On Sunday its a Special Space Fishing Tourney hosted by Selah followed by Live Music from Ganjo and then Closing Celebrations as we say goodbye to The Birthday SciFI month and start readying the sims for..


LAST WEEK OF SCI FI!!! Make sure you see all the STUFF!!!!

Nanu Nanu!