In Memory of our Friend Stillpink

Yesterday morning on Valentines Day, we lost a very dear, sweet, silly and fun loving friend as Stillpink Sandgrain passed away due to cancer.

Anyone who knew Pink knew how silly and funny and compassionate and crazy and warm hearted a person she was.  Pink has been in Second Life since nearly the beginning and while she loved to traverse the grid and had many friends from all over inworld, she made it clear to me personally on the phone how much she loved the Shire community and all the wonderful people who make up our wonderful family of friends.

We will be dedicating the Entire upcoming Raglan Mardi Gras in her memory and Saturday will have a Memorial and dedication in her honor followed by a New Orleans Style Procession about the sims before honoring her memory in a way we feel she would have wanted us to, with music and stories and a celebration of her spirit.

Rest in Peace Pink, we love you and you will be missed.


UPDATE: The Service for Stillpink will be held in the Heron Shire Forest at 12 pm Noon SLT. Please try and arrive 30 minutes early and if possible, please remove any extraneous scripted items from your virtual person such as radars, huds, mysti tool-esque items and the like. We ask this to help with lag as we expect there to be a lot of people and anything we can do to help is much appreciated.

This will be a New Orleans Style Procession in the spirit of the Raglan Shire Mardi Gras that starts Saturday and which is dedicated to Stillpink.  We will begin the service with some music and spoken word over the stream in Pinks Honor, then we shall dedicate the memorial tree in her name before beginning the First Line procession from the memorial site on Heron Shire through the forest, onto the Wharf and on to Raglan Shire where we will end at the French Quarter where we will then launch into the Second Line which is a  Joyous gathering with music and dancing, stories and rememberances as we celebrate Stillpinks spirit and usher in the Mardi Gras.

During the First Line procession please watch those in front of you. This is a Slow Procession which means we will be staggering our pace. We will be VERY SLOWLY moving from the memorial to the French quarter. It is a tradition to play very sad, somber music for the initial procession before arriving at the destination and where everything kicks into Second Line “party mode” to properly honor the recently departed. 

Expect the usual Lag and other SL obstacles. There will be appropo Swag for the service.

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  1. “These doors lead to many places — hidden places; but one door is special — one door leads to the source.”

    “Choice. The problem is choice.”

  2. Caleb Kit said a nice thing about Stillpink, that it didn’t matter what you were, tiny or biggie, criter or dragon, that Stillpink says “Bounce a *smile* off everyone you meet. The rewards are sweeter than eye candy.” Just wanted to share that.

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