Mount Waffle and the 2010 Sled race!

This past Saturday saw the 2010 Sled Race in which Folks were encouraged to mod a basic Sled Kit and then race it down the Slopes of Mount Waffle and around Raglan Shire in a challenging course that featured Abominable Snowmen Obstacles and Giant Snowball obstacles! 30 Tinys and friends bundled up and gathered at the Top of Mount Waffle and about the course and cheered the Sledders on!

 When it was all over, Caleb took top honors as the Sledding Champion taking First place followed by Vic in 2nd and Rocky in 3rd! Grats Caleb! Also, Grats to Korben and Nin for taking the top prize for most creative looking Sled! All in all everyone enjoyed a fine Wintery day on the Shire and got to watch some HAWT SLEDDING ACTION! w00t!  Thx to Iwanta, Isis and Chester for organizing the Sled Race!


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