Raglan Rings in New Year!

Baby rhino Bith sure can dance by Karmagirl Avro.

Dazzling and festive! Tinies partied for 24 hours throughout the time zones with music, dancing, giveaways, champagne, and fireworks.

Starting at 1:30 pm SLT on Thursday, December 31st, tinies celebrated Happy New Year at each “midnight” until 1 am SLT January 1st.

Mutley and Daveypup dancing by Karmagirl Avro.

So many community members helped out with the event including Teal, Rizzo, Dagmar, Cobra, Shmoo, Dorian, Tia, Xavian, Shady Fox, Karma, Liandras, Copper, Wolfear, Shadow, Jane2, Rocky, and many many more!

Thanks to everyone for making the party fantastic!

get em up Vi! Paws in the ayer! by Karmagirl Avro.

Karma and Vi waving goodbye to 2009

(Pictures courtesy of Karmagirl Avro)

One thought on “Raglan Rings in New Year!”

  1. Simply a stunning affair all the way around. Hats off to the organizers, the Hosts, the DJ’s the Fireworks specialists, Dagmar for an amazing build, Rizzo for the wonderful collages and to ALLLLLLLLL the people who came and ushered in alllllllll the new years from 1pm till 1 am and looked SOOOOO fabtastic while doing so! 😀

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