New Year, New Raglan Cafe

A Stevebucks has appeared on the Great Tree Steve! It features a waffle machine, espresso drinks, pastries and other treats, and a cool ambiance. Barrista Karmagirl Avro tells us that many of the delicious looking treats are fine for those with healthy New Year’s Resolutions to keep, “They are only one prim!” she said in an exclusive interview.

The first Stevebucks to open has appeared in the scenic Heron Shire forest on an upper level of the Great Tree Steve. It has a lovely view of the surrounding Shires and plenty of room for those looking to meet up before an adventure, or to discuss the latest Shire news.

oh more customers! Xavian and Teal! by Karmagirl Avro.

ah a customer! hello chester, welcome to stevebucks I am your tiny barrista squabbit karmagirl how may i take your order by Karmagirl Avro.

is my waffle done yet? by Karmagirl Avro.

Stop by the Stevebucks on the Great Tree Steve! (SLURL)

(Pictures courtesy of Karmagirl Avro)

8 thoughts on “New Year, New Raglan Cafe”

  1. Great Idea!! Awesome build!! Baristas are first rate!
    Nice relaxing atmosphere to sit and chat with friends or just listen to music. Waffles, cake, shakes,and all kinds of coffee and hot chocolate. 2 Paws Up!!
    Way Up!!

  2. hah i feel like false advertising, some are actually *gasp* 2 prims! oh the horror! 2 whole prims. hah

  3. Will there be a ‘franchise opportunity’? I hope to see at least four Stevebucks for every 256sq metres of SL!

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