(Mostly) Black & White Winter Formal

Saturday, January 23, at 1pm SLT the (Mostly) Black & White Winter Formal will be happening in Raglan; vintage jazz, dancing, costume contests, and big band music! Formal wear is requested – mostly black and white suggested, and friends of all sizes welcome (normal Raglan PG rules apply).


The formal will be on a special platform (SLURL) – all fancified by Dagmar just for the event 😀

2 thoughts on “(Mostly) Black & White Winter Formal”

  1. the area Dagmar made for the event is so beautiful you will not believe it! 2 paws up, way up!

    not sure if I can make it on or not though, rl family stuff. sigh.

  2. It was CLASSIC!
    Dag did a wonderful job as usual and the music was great! And everyone looked so wonderful!

    If I had any more paws, they would also go UP! ;o]

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