The Raglan Shire Tiny Fashion Show!

Sashay, Sashay, Sashay and POSE!

This weekend on Sunday, marks the First Ever Raglan Tiny Fashion Show, Hosted by Etheria and Panacea, this show features a list of whos who in the TIny Fashion world! 14 Designers have registered so far and you can look forward to seeing them and their models Sashaying down the Catwalk using Etherias special Model AO that shes designed for the designers to use! Xavian will be providing music over the stream for the Fashion Show and make sure you bring you cameras! *FWASH* Heres a list of designers entered so far!

Cat and Nero Masala – Catpaws
Comka Diplomat Tingle Tinies
Misa Delight Delight
Eleanora Newell – Tiny Tama
Qyhat Harbour – AsiaQ
Daisyblue Hefferman – Once & Again
Peaches Latrell – Lilliput
Iwanta Salamander – Iwana Tiny Depot
Martini Discovolante – Martini Discovolante Tiny Shop in Heron Shire
Mollie Belgar – Out of the Cage
Tia Macbain – TigPig
Liandras Jameson – Cirrus Design
Karmagirl Avro – Karma’s Store
Dagmar Klaar – Dirty Dock dry goods

Come check out this seasons newest and most Haute Couture Fashions, nibble on some wine and cheese and celebrate the art… of FASHION.. Tiny STYLE 😀

The Raglan Tiny Fashion Show as presented by Etheria and Panacea will be held on Sunday at 12 pm Noon SLT. Look for Notice and LM in world!

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