We went out with a bang as SHOCKTOBER as we closed out the month on Halloween with a blowout Rocky Horror Picture Show Party and Movie showing. TInies came in costume as their favorite character or fav halloween outfit and reenacted scens from the movie up on stage and in the audience at the Haunted theater. Frank N Furter himself would have been proud 🙂

Once again a HUGE thanks to ALLLLLLL the folks who pitched in for the Shocktober month! From the folks who helped decorate the sims and make posters, to the people who worked on the rides and the carnival and to the staff at Raglan U. who taught Shocktober themed classes, the Raglan Merchants who made SHocktober themed clothing and wares and everyone who came and enjoyed everything that was out to see, it was SPOOKTABULAR!


On Sunday November 1st, a crowd gathered at the Haunted theater to witness the World Premiere of Daveypups new reworking of the classic film The Wizard of Oz! clocking in at 10 minutes and starring a cast of dozens of fellow tinys, the film retells the magical tale TINY STYLE!  click the link to watch it here!

Theres alot of Events coming up this month, from the One night only Disco Gala at STUDIO BAM(tm) this weekend, to the First Ever Raglan Shire Fashion show on the 15th to the 3rd Annual RAGLAN HAS TALENT Talent SHow the following weekend to an all new Game Show that Mutley will be unveiling, Keep your eyes peeled here and in world for details!  Its SHOWVEMBER! XD

2 thoughts on “SHOCKTOBER is OBER!!”

  1. Halloween is over and I missed it, sitting in a pumpkin patch with a blockhead!! bwhaha no really I missed Rocky Horror again this year, never saw the movie. 🙁 *pouts*

    No it’s not showvember, it SHOCKTEMBER! I still wearing vampire clothes and my pin head costume, nope dont care it’s over!

  2. Rocky Horror will be back next year Karma!
    (and hopefully I will be there to show it *pouts too)

    Schocktober was great folks, thanks all!

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