You too could be a STARRRRR!!!

This Saturday the 22nd at 12pm Noon SLT marks the 3rd Annual Raglan Has Talent TALENT SHOW! The past 2 Talent Shows have been such a blast with a dozen acts each year performing daredevil stunts and reading poems or creating magic or dancing. It’s truly an enjoyable time for all as TIny folken hit the stage to entertain YOU! This years show promises to be even bigger then the last two and theres STILL TIME to enter! If you’d like to be in the show, IM Talent Show Coordinator Jane2 McMahon or Jillian McMillan (The 2 Macs!)  and give them your info! This Show is open to anyone in the Raglan Community!


One thought on “RAGLAN HAS TALENT!”

  1. HOOOOOO! Talent…. ON A STICK!!! This is going to be most awsum and full of win!

    But don’t contact Jill-I-an McMillan. I don’t know who she is and she probably won’t answer. But if you contact Jillan (with only 1 “I” – it rhymes with McMillan), she’ll answer nicely and maybe give you cookies. (^_^)

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