Can’t Sleep.. Clowns might eat me!

Shocktober continues on with more scary ghoulish STUFF!!!  In addition to the Haunted House and the Haunted Carnival and the Spooky Swamp and the Haunted Forest, This past week Lani put out the Tiny Freak Show for all to see AND we unveiled the fiendishly horrific TINY RIDE OF HORRORS!! This is an amazing ride through differing rooms of varying scariness! Guarenteed to be the scariest & silliest 2 minutes of your virtual lives!! muhahahaha!  Big props to Awor who dreamed up the whole concept and scripted the ride as well as to each of the folks who took a room and decorated it! Moonpanther, Awen, Bloodsong, Dagmar, Karma, Misa, Martini, Eleanora, Fox,Liandras and Chaffro all worked like demons to make this ride so shockingly outstanding! Heres the SLURL to get there directly!



This weekend also kicked off Seconds life version of Burning Man which is called Burning Life! Linden Lab takes a whole slew of sims and lets residents loose on chunks to create anything they’d like in a grand showcase of resident talent in the virtual desert… its BURNING LIFE!  Misa, Chaffro, Karma and others grabbed a plot to represent for the Shire and did a wonderful job of presenting our community in a desert setting complete with pictures, gifts and ART. People are encouraged to drop by and participate over the next few weeks as Jane2 McMahon will be hosting story Time for folks to share with visitors. Heres the SLURL!

SHOCKTOBER BURNS LIFE… err…. I got nothing clever here to add.. XD

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  1. wooooot! ty! ty! ya Jane was AWESOME host, Chaffro had amazing idea that me and karms tried to bring to life, and all the stories and pictures that people contributed really made it FANTASTIC!
    yay Raglan!

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