Greatest Song Ever!

This past weekend was Packed with Medieval Awesomeness!! Friday Daveypup unveiled the fantabulous Dragon Maze! Tinys bravely entered the vast labrynth in search of Treasure and glory but at great peril as said treasure was guarded by a terrifying Dragon!  In the End it was Bo Fiddlesticks who bested the other competiotors as well as the Labrynth and Dragon itself  to win top prize!  OTTER!

Saturday saw the 1 year anniversary of Blodwynna and Legolas Wedding and tinies celebrated in the Grand Ballroom of the castle! Music ,prizes, trivia , dancing and balloons marked the celebration along with generous doses of river dancing. Afterwards The Lady Clowey, Master of the Alchemical Sciences invited people into the Apothecary tent to recieve insight into their future using the science of Alchemy!! Throngs of tinies lined up outside the tent have their fortunes foretold and recieve cures for their ailments, as well as mystical alchemical Swag such as potions and Love Elixers.. on a stick!!  In the evening later still Tinies gathered at the Forest Theater to watch the medieval movie, The Princess Bride as the day ended leading into…

SUNDAY! w00t! Medival Music Sunday!! First up was a performance by The Fuzznutz featuring the new lineup at the Castle Stage. The All Tiny Powerhouse took the stage and performed a rocking set  to the delight of the tiny audience.. and once again showed the grid what HARD CORE is about! Afterwords Talented live musician & singer songwriter GINA STELLA took the stage as a tiny rabbit and turned in a classic moment of wot is sure to become Raglan Lore. The Video as shot by Daveypup is above to enjoy! All in all an incredible day of Music on the shire  which still did not end as still later on, people frollicked in the Square helping to raise money for the animals!  The Stockades, the kizzing tent, the dunk tank..  As of tonight last i checked we were just over $48,000 L raised so far !! WAY TO GO ALL!!! *high 4*  

One more week to finish the Medieval Treasure Hunt! One more week to practice for next Sundays Festival ending Raglan Shire Joust!

Its the last week of the Medieval Festival !


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