Raglan Medieval Festival III Epilogue

photo by Karmagirl

HERE YE! HERE YE!!  We now proclaim The 3rd Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival at a close!!

After four weeks of everything Medieval and Tiny under the sun we closed up the tents, shuttered up the castle  and proceded to tear it all down, but not without a few tiny tears shed. This years Festival was the biggest yet and was packed to the rim with medieval STUFF!! The last weekend saw Live musical performance from talented pianist composer Zachh Cale followed by another go round at the Dragon Labrynth as Tinys braved the maze and the dragon within to loot treasure and fame! Folken gathered at the Forest theater to watch the final medieval movie and on sunday the Grandest Tournament of them all, the JOUST was held! A packed sim crowded into the stands to watch 16 brave and courageous tinys battle it out on the tilt, lance in paw and armored to the nines for the competition! And when the dust settled, it was Iwanta Salamander who captured Jousting Glory as he took the top prize! HUZZAH!

Later that evening, still abuzz with medieval energy, people flocked to the medieval square and we watched a final flurry of donation activity take place at the wishing well. In the End, when it was all said and done, The Friends of Raglan Shire raised $107,284 L for the Animals! Well done everyone! Later over the next week I’ll post some info on how everything will be split between the Zoos and the two other fine Organizations we chose to raise money for.  CEREAL WELL DONE ALL!!  $107,284 L !!   WOOOOT!!



Thanks to everyone who helped make this so much fun! From the folks who created and ran events, to others who helped decorate and make trophys and signs and posters and others who created beautiful clothing and wares for all to adorn themselves in or snack on, or launch themselves with or even lose a head and on and on.. Special thanks to the Faculty of Raglan U who taught medieval themed classes for all to attend, and to Zephyr Yariss and Ruby of Lone Star Ranch who made the joust possible. Thanks to all the people who competed in the Amazing Dragon Labrynth and the Golden Bow and Joust tourney! Thanks to all the live musicians who provided wonderful music for all to enjoy! Thanks to everyone who attended the Festival and provided good cheer and positive energy! And of course thanks to everyone who donated monehs no matter what the denomination to our animal charities! In Short, a resounding round of applause to everyone for making this years Medieval Festival on the Shire a resounding success!

And now, without any further adieu.. we bring you…….SHOCKTOBER!!!