Pirate Summer Sails into its Last week!

 AVAST YE! Tinys & Guests party it up as AcousticEnergy Nitely Performs!

Last weekend we had our 2nd week of Pirate Summer as we threw an Under the Sea party beneath the waves of The Pirate Cove on Raglan Shire on Saturday and Enjoyed a live musical performance on Rabbit Skull Island by AcousticEnergy Nitely! The 2nd week of The Galleon races also were concluded and the top prize went to Randle Carver for posting the fastest time!  There’s still another week to head to the Beaver Island Beach on the Galaxy sim and try and get the best time on the Galleon racing course! You have a whole week! its fun and you could win $1000L!

That being said, this is the FINAL week of Pirate Summer on Raglan! YARRR!! Theres still time though to do the hunt for Purklebeards Treasure if you havent! Still time to try your hand at the above mentioned Galleon Course, Still time to get some friends up over on Heron Shire and Play the Pirates Plunder Arena game! Still time to Explore, hang out, Shop for pirate gear in the Caves on Rabbit Skull Island and generally be piratey! 

This weekend we has a Battleship tourney hosted by Chester on Saturday at 9 am SLT and later that day Bloodsong will be turning folks loose to play the TOWER OF TREACHERY GAME at 2 pm SLT which is a super fun , challenging team based game. Still later Karma will be hosting Pirate Movie night at the Dome as she shows the classic film..THE GOONIES at 6pm SLT!  On Sunday She’ll show the Goonies again at 10 am SLT for folks in Europe and Asia. At 12 Pm Noon Catten & Etheria will be unveiling their never before seen PIRATE SHOOTING GALLERY Game event which should be more fun then a yardarm and then afterwards we’ll bring an END to Pirate Summer on Raglan with Fireworks and Tunes from Rabbit Skull Island!  Plenty of Piratey STUFF left this week!

And then its time to get ready for…. MEDIEVAL FEST!  YARR!!! 

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