Are you ready to get MEDIEVAL???

Its almost time to get… MEDIEVAL!!

in 2007 we had our first really big event… The Very first Raglan Medieval Festival! It was only 4 days long really (and the whole thing took place in wot is now the Silica Cubicle!)  but we had such a blast that when it was over.. EVERYONE was uber mega SAD…. and.. a lesson was learned! We decided that when we did something HUGE , that we would give almost the whole month to the theme…. and Tiny Raglan history was made!

Last years Raglan Medieval festival moved to the central area within the tree platforms where all the big events now take place and with more space came more STUFF as we added Castle Raglan! We had an amazing time last year over the month of September as we had a myriad of events, live musical performances and even a Tiny wedding of two of our own who went on to wed in RL!!

This year, the 3rd Raglan Shire Medieval Festival looks to be no different in the “ZOMG TINYS KNOW HOW TO PARTY” vein as once again we have a ton of activities and events planned such as live music (rumour has it that there will even be a return of THE FUZZNUTZ), formal balls, Quests for Treasure, a medieval version of the Raglan Shire Squares game, The Golden Bow Archery Tourney, The Mega Joust Tournament , A Dragon Maze,  Catapults, sword fighting and much much more!

Even though we’re still a week away from the Medieval Masquerade Ball on Saturday the 5th of September at 12pm Noon SLT which officially kicks off the 3rd Raglan Medieval Festival, there has been a flurry of activity on the Medieval Square as everything is now in place .. the tents, the decorations, the castle with the Grand Ballroom and Ye Olde Frootcake Pub …. There is a ton of Swag out in the Artisan Tents as fine Medieval Tiny Clothing, Armor, weapons and Miscellaneous Med Fest STUFF ( on a stick!! ) is already available for folks to get their paws on. Folks have been walking about the Square and Castle grounds, frollicking amongst themselves and generally preparing for the Festival which once again .. STARTS this coming Saturday ,September 5th!

******* Lastly, we’re looking at picking some Animal charities and adopting some real life animals  for the Fest!  if you haven’t already, visit the forums and specifically THIS topic and VOTE on the Animals Choices we have up!!,457.0.html

In a few days we’ll condense all the suggestions into a Poll and have everyone vote! The top 2 or 3 (or 4 lol) will be chosen as our Animals/ Animal Charity that we’ll raise money for by direct donations to the wishing well (soon to be placed) in the center of the Square and by the Stocks that are out!!  Visit that link!!!

Get Ready! We’re about to get MEDIEVAL!!!


5 thoughts on “Are you ready to get MEDIEVAL???”

  1. uhm my new all Rhino band, Crash, would like to open for the Fuzznut reunion tour. :P~

    we don’t have a laundry list of demands for our backstage area either, just all our food MUST be on sticks!!!

  2. medEBIL! oh my gosh CRASH is playing???? this will be the best medEBIL fest ever!! where’s my crash t-shirt?

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