YO HO HO & a Bottle of Wootberry Rum!

The Hunt for Cap’n PurkleBeards Treasure begins!!

Its the 2nd week of The Raglan Pirate Summer and things are picking up about the shire as scoundrels, rogues and scallywags abound! After last weekends kickoff party and performance from Tallguy Kidd, theres even more stuff for folks to see and do as tiny pirates and buccaneers scamper about in the hunt for pirate fun!

If you like treasure hunting you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve uncovered the storied whereabouts of the Dread Cap’n Purklebeard and his fabled treasure! Well we havent quite uncovered it but we do know it exists! Starting on Rabbit skull island you can search for Treasure chests about the Shire. Each chest will present you with a riddle that you need to answer correctly to unlock that chests treasure as well as another riddle to send you off to find the next treasure chest! In time there will be 20 chests hidden about the Shire, each with its own treasure within! Do you have what it takes to find all 20 Chests and uncover the complete Booty of treasure each contains? And what about the Ghost of Cap’n Purklebeard? YARRR!!

Also, if you like racing. Theres a brand new Galleon Ship race and course set out on Beaver island on the Raglan Galaxy Sim. Rez a free Galleon ship and try and get the best score as you take to the course! But beware! Theres Sharks at various gates that will try and obstruct your progress! Theres also Speed boosts you can use to increase your speed and help you get a better time! AT the end of each week on sunday we’ll take the top 3 scores and award them Cash Booty Prizes!  1st Place will win 1000L, 2nd place will win 500L and 3rd place will receive 250L!!  You have all week to try and get the best score you can so feel free to try as much as you want! Do you have wot it takes to win pirate galleon glory? YARRR!!

On Heron Shire we’ve placed out a super piratey fun Arena game called PIRATES PLUNDER! You can rez a free demo ship or buy your own from the creators shop and then take to the seas and play one of 3 piratey fun games! Simply rez the ship, board it, wear your hud and you can sail around the arena and try to sink your opponents or engage in team based play! YARRR!!

More Live music, parties, Games, fishing and STUFF still to come as Pirate Summer Sails on!!