ART!! Its back and Beckoning YOU!!


This morning Misa sent word of something very exciting that will be going on all week! Patrick Lichty, a real life Artist of various styles has an exhibit entitled “The Summer of Love 2.0” which will be displayed prominently at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Illinois. His exhibit will include varuious art and art of various social media. He will be showing his work, presenting live performance pieces from the Museum of Contemporary Art  and he has also invited Raglan Shire to participate as well!

We will have building competitions spread across different time zones over the next 5 days so that anyone can participate. Basically this will run like the regular build competitions. Folks will get 50 prims and an hour to build anything they like that pertains to the theme “Summer of Love 2.0”. At the end of each build competition everyone will vote on their top 3 and prize moneys (donated by The Artist) will be awarded. However,  in addition (and heres where it gets exciting) ALL builds will be photographed and many if not all will be displayed as a Photo Print in the real world in the Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the “Summer of Love 2.0” Exhibit.

This is a great chance for folks to be creative, maybe win some L$ AND have your virtual work and vision shown in a famous REAL WORLD museum! Everyon is welcome and encouraged (as always) to participate and special thanks to the artist for including us in his exhibit! 🙂

More info at:



and while this is going on… Preparation for the upcoming Pirate Summer is beginning!! Pirate SUmmer is coming July 18th – Aug 9th!  YARRR!!


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  1. Oki on our first session the Lindens stole Raglan Shire from us half way thru event and then hid it… it took Catten CALLING them on phone for them to finally return it (woot Catten was hero of day)! So pics from first one are kind of light (mass chaos!). But! I will have more pics of future sessions and put them all here:

    (from first session: Silverr and Kaine’s builds, plus pic of Man)

    This a totally fun event – we need more tinies to participate and represent Raglan!

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