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poster by Rizzo




Saturday at 12 Noon SLT its the FIRST of the M.I.C.R.O. Racing series on Raglan Shire as Tinies take to the Course set up along the Raglan Shire sim in an attempt to capture Tiny Racing GLORY! WOOOT!

This is a Rally style course and has perilous obstacles that will stand in the way of the racers as they zoom about the track! Waffle Cart Kits have been made available to competitors who have been encouraged to modify the kits to their individual specifications! Honors go out to the top racers and there will also be a contest as well in which spectators will pick their favorite Modded Waffle Cart racers!

Thanks to Chester, Rizzo & Awor for making the racing series happen and good luck to all the competitors!

Also this weekend, On Sunday at 1pm Frogg Marlowe will be performing LIVE from Raglan Shire!  If you’ve never seen him before, know that he has been a mainstay of live musical performance on Second Life for years and is one of the biggest musical attractions on the grid along with his partner Jaycat Nico. Frogg has a nice sound and brings some humour to the virtual stage so you wont want to miss his performance sunday at 1pm SLT.


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  1. It was an awesome concert. Frogg is a great singer! The race looked pretty awesome too, from the pictures I’ve seen. Great job everybunny!

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