New Issue of The Shire Times!

Hot off the presses and into you paws!

The newest edition of the Shire Times has just been published and as usual Chaffro and his crack staff have delivered another issue of articles, informative news bytes and entertaining stories! The Times now in its 2nd year of publishing has been the Shires definitive news source put on entirely by the residents of the communty and reflects the diverse and fun loving nature of the Shire. Chaffro & Company are always looking for new members to be a part of the Times staff and as such the publication is open to everyone for submissions, stories, articles and editorial pieces. If you would like to be a part of the Shire Times staff or want to contribute in any way, contact The Times Editor Chaffro or visit the Shire Times Main Office on The Raglan Commons sim!

The Shire Times, all the news that YOU need to know.. right now!


2 thoughts on “New Issue of The Shire Times!”

  1. It’s packed this month too. We’ve got an article on Teal at the 1st Question show, we’ve got a recap article on the events we’ve seen since Easter with some great pictures and quotes, we’ve got a cute little poem by Kyrie Nelson, an article on accessorising Loco Pocos by Qyhat plus other stuff, including a ton of fantastic adverts from a whole bunch of people and stores – go check them out!

    And all of it is for FREE!

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