June! A month off to Relax & Prep for Pirate Summer!

A Month to Chillax…. Sorta XD

We’ve just finished up the 2009 Raglan Shire Art Walk and WOW wot a Art Walk it was!! (ART!!!!) Over 75 Artists showed their works all over the Shire and artists and guests and tinies had nothing but kind things to say! It was a nice month of Art and Live Music and Live performance… ART!!! ON A HEDGE!!! WRAPPED IN BACON…..errr….

Sadly Art Walk has ended and all the art and hedge and topiary have been taken down but… You can still see Art all around on The Raglan Art Gallery Platfrom or in the Paw & Whisker and soon a ton on the Great Tree Steve!  And of course theres tons of Galleries and exhibitions ALL OVER the grid to quench yur Taste for ART!!!!  Of course, we might be the only place where you can see Art.. ON A HEDGE!! I mean.. Cereal, how can it be Art if it not on Hedge?  Im just Sayin!!  XD

June will be an off month as we take a break and kick back before the Big Pirate Summer starts Mid July through Mid August. There will still be games like Primtionary  & Guest appearances of The VAA group doing Haiku Build plus Classes at Raglan U and maybe even some new Games as well… PIZZA ANYBUNNY? Also look for some Racing fun, a Frootcake Tourney and you might wanna start getting your Tiny Surfing on at the Raglan Galaxy sim on the beach.. just sayin.. Look for Surfing competitions coming in the summer… you wanna be in top tiny surfin form! Also Look for The Shire to Represent at the SL 6th Birthday Celebration. So… Not like there wont be anything to do on the Shire…Just no Boffo big event activity themed months like whats coming up in July and through the Rest of the year!

Halfway Through the year now and we rest up as we prepare for the Raglan Pirate Summer in July & August.. Pirate themed everything over the sims, activities..  It will be pirate and Victorian themed so expect boat races and fancy dances and events and all sorts of YARRRR!

Thia is when everything will start to pick up and go absoulutely nuts as After the Pirate Summer, we’re looking at having the big Boffo Tiny Fashion Show which wil then be followed by our 3rd Annual Raglan Medieval Festival which is HUGE and which will be followed by our All Hallows Eve Month in October which is HUGE.. and then we have the Annual Talent Show in November followed by the 3rd Raglan Shire WInterfest which is HUGE… so.. we take a break in June to get ready cuz it gonna start getting crazy again shortly…


One thought on “June! A month off to Relax & Prep for Pirate Summer!”

  1. There be storms a-gathering the the there horizon, me hearties! Yarr!

    Art Walk 09 rocked! Great job to Teal for organising such a fantastic event, and to her and Tootsie for booking some amazing live musical acts. You really did the Shires proud, and it was great to see so much amazing art again; still some up in the Treetops too! I’m glad we’ve got a little break before Pirate fun – lazy summer days around the Shire are just as fun.

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