Art! It’s on a Hedge!

This weekend kicked off the Art Walk and Wow! There’s so much Art! The last week has seen all the participating Artists fervently setting up their Art work about the Hedgerows on Raglan Shire and the Forest on Heron Shire. There are 75 artists of all shapes and sizes ( including quite a few members of the Raglan Tiny Community w000t ) and from all over the globe showing all manner of real life paintings from oils & acrylics to drawings with pencils and charcoals, to digital artwork to real life photography plus Second Life based photography and Second Life Sculpture of all types.

It really is something to see! Thus far hoards of tinys and biggie visitors to the Shire have been seen strolling about taking it all in, discussing with their friends what they like as well as meeting some of the artists! The 2009 Art Walk will continue for the remainder of the month and will also include live musical performances as well as a Perfromance by The Silken Ballet on the 24th. Look for more info here and inworld, check the event calendar and enjoy the Art Walk!


3 thoughts on “2009 ART WALK IS UNDERWAY!”

  1. I am so happy how it turned out… It will all be up thru May 31st. Come check out the 2D and sculpture work by over 75 SL/RL artists. Its truly joyful!

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