The SQUARES are Coming!!

Hey Y’all, its time to play the Raglan Shire Squares!

Sunday at 12 pm Noon SLT, is the Debut of the new Shire game show, The Raglan Shire Squares! Come join us at the Squares Stage Sunday and watch as contestants vie for Linden Cash & Prizes! We’ve got 9 Tiny SL-ebrities in the Squares to assist the competitors and we’ll be randomly choosing the contestants from the studio audience! So if you come to watch, YOU might be picked to play the Squares!

Also this weekend marks the end of the Wild West Birthday Celebration with more Western Primtionary, Live Musical performances, the Closing Western Party on Saturday and some extra STUFF! We’re Ending Raglans 2nd Birthday celebration with a bang!


2 thoughts on “The SQUARES are Coming!!”

  1. THIS GAME ROCKS!! I got to be the lower-right square, and it was a total blast! We got to see Awenbunny sweep the game, and take the Big Haul! What an awesome first show!!

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