Thanks To All!

Shot of the New Garden Habitat on the Space Station on The Raglan Galaxy Sim

So now that our 2nd Birthday has come and gone and the Wild West Town is getting ready for the wrecking crew, I just wanted to send out a big thank you on this, my THIRD REZ DAY (w00t) to everyone who has helped the Community either by actively participating, or creating things for folks to do, or by renting land, vendor space or cottages or simply by being there for folks and being helpful and friendly and all of it in the best spirit of collaboration!  Despite what folks may think, The Shire is basically the next best thing to a non profit organization that you can have and without the support on the many levels that folks have shown, we wouldn’t have been able to last this long and do the things we have been able to do without ALL OF YOU! 😀

Thanks to everyone who has made The Raglan Shire Community a fun and welcoming place for everyone 🙂

UP NEXT…. ART WALK iV!!!!   Details coming in next few days! Check Notcies and forums too 😀


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