Raglan Shire Celebrates its 2nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Pardners!

Zomg, we Turn 2!  EEEK! Its been 2 years since we first opened our doors en route to becoming the community that we are today! AND…. to celebrate, we’re doing our birthday in typical Tiny Raglan style.. We’re going all out! HOOOO!!

Its a Rootin’ Tootin’ Month Long Wild Western Birthday Extravaganza!

The Raglan Creek Western Town has been built complete with rollin’ tumbleweeds, general stores, outfitters , banks, Jails and a stage coach! You can come relax at the renamed PAW & WHISKEY Saloon or even find a litle tiny native amercian culture at the Indian Village! We have Gunfights, Horseback riding, Sack Races, Bank Robberies, Parties, Gatherings and of course Live Musicans performing throughout the month so COme celebrate our birthday on the Shire during the entire month of April as we Turn 2 years old western tiny style!

YEEEEEEHAW!!!  *fires off guns*


2 thoughts on “Raglan Shire Celebrates its 2nd Birthday!”

  1. How do you sign on to this community, I see no where to sign in or to get into this wonderful game.

  2. we do what we do in the virtual world of Second Life. Go to Secondlife.com , its free to create an account. Once you’re in world, look for the Raglan Shire sim and come visit. Folks there will help you get acclimated 🙂

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