Continuing The Tiny Wild Wild West!

Tiny Elvis in the Sack!

Last weekend we had much fun as folks whooped it up at the Old Western Town on Raglan, kickin up their boots in the streets to music streamed by Shady Fox as well as being entertained by Live Musician  Vincent Merricks who performed at the “Stage Coach” Stage to a Hootin & hollerin audience! On Sunday we had The Wild West/Easter Sack race of DOOM in which 25 participants donned sacks and hopped their way around a course that took them around the entire Raglan Shire sim. Onlookers gathered at the Wild West town and watched the sack racers hopping around the course at break neck speeds! In the End it was Kayak who took 1st place for Tiny Sack Racing Glory! grats Kayak!

This weekend we have more rootin’ tootin’ fun as Live musician Bonnikins Margulis takes the Stage Coach STAGE at High Noon on Saturday to perform for folks! Plus we have Wild West Ghost Stories later on as folks will gather around the Camp Fire at the Indian Village to tell tales of scary scares! Look for The WIld West Build Challenge as well over the weekend and some other fun things for folks to do as well!