The Gras – Epilogue!

Everyone loves a Parade!

Sunday marked the close of the 3 weekend long Raglan Mardi Gras Celebration, and what a celebration it was! This past weekend saw an excellently entertaining performance from “The Show Must Go On” as they gave us a sneek peek at their new show “Professor Antfarmoffskis World Famous Flea Circus”! The sneek peek ran fro 35 minutes and culminated with a performance from SHINDIG(Tm), the All tiny dancing troupe who once again invited everyone in the audience to join them on stage! Sadly, all the Flea performers in the show met tragic demises at the end of each of their acts so its uncertain if the show will actually go on….


On Sunday  folks gathered early in the Silica Cubicle as pre parade excitement swept through the Shire! Shortly after 11 am The parade , led by lead Float Rizzo and his Cowtopia Float began the procession about the Raglan Shire sim! With 15 floats making the loop about the sim with onlookers postioned all about the parade route enthusiastically cheering, applauding and riverdancing,  a definite mood of celebration was in the air! 67 people were on the sim to either be in the parade or watch and after wards, once all floats were back in the Silica Cubicle the Post Parade celebration was pure pandemonium with dancing and cheering and firework!. At 1pm everyone moved over to the Stage area and were treated to an hour long set of live music performed by Noma Falta followed by more fireworks to bring the 2009 Tiny Mardi gras to a close!

Thanks to everyone involved who made Mardi Gras so much fun this year!

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  1. Oh wow, it looks fantastic, Zayn. I’m sure you all had a blast. All my bestest wishes to everybody in the Shire. *Great BIG TIny HUGGS* Be well … Bellini

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