Mardi Gras Continues —-

King Chester & Queen Dagmar begin their Reign!

This past weekend we kicked off Tiny mardi gras with the 60 minute Mardi Gras Build competition which saw Robyne Flanagan take the top prize with her excellent sculpture which can be seen on flickr as well as in the French Quarter along with pics of the other builds! Afterwards everyone was entertained by Strummer Voltee who performed live music as a tiny Rhino!

On sunday we had the Costume Gala which saw upwards of 40+ tinies dancing in the streets of the french Quarter on Raglan to tunes spun by DJ Shady Fox. Folks dressed up in their best tiny mardi gras costumes and entered themselves into the running to be picked the King & Queen of the 2009 mardi gras! In the End Chester and Dagmar were chosen and both were awarded a whopping $10,000L and the crown and tiara as they began their year reign amidst much celebration of tinys while fireworks lit up the skies over Raglan.

This coming weekend we have more Mardi gras activities including more Mardi Gras Primtionary on friday!

On Saturday at noon SLT its the Kings Cake Scavenger Hunt! over 100 Little kings cakes (A Mardi gras tradition) will be hidden over the shire sims, each cake when found will award the finder Linden$!  Cakes will be worth between 10L and 100L with a few $250L cakes and some $500L cakes about the Shire.  Over $3000 in L to win!

Then on Sunday at 1pm, Ganjo Mokeev performs live music at The Mardi Gras Stage! Ganjo last performed on the Shire as part of last years Tiny Medieval festival and its good to see him back!

Tiny Mardi Gras Marches on with Perfomances from THE SHOW MUST GO ON, Noma Falta and the Ending day Parade still to come!

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