Tiny Mardi Gras Starts Today!

Mardi Gras Mania!

Today kicks off the 2nd Raglan Shire Tiny Mardi Gras and its a fun weekend of Stuff! The 60 Minute Mardi Gras Build Challenge from the Silica Cubicle starts the festivities off at 11:30 am and is followed by a LIVE musical performance by Strummer Voltee at the STage area!

Tommorow on Sunday, we’re having the Costume Party, which is a huge gala event in which we’ll be picking the KING & QUEEN of the tiny Mardi Gras! Music provided by DJ SHady “Zydeco” Fox with dancing and revelry in the streets of the Tiny French Quarter! Come dressed in your finest and YOU might be picked as KING or QUEEN! May your reign be true and just!