The 2nd Raglan Shire Mardi Gras is Coming!

The Tiny Krewe brings Mardi Gras back to the Shire!

Wot the Flock? I’m still singing Tiny Xmas carols! How is it mid February already! EEEP! Still, Its coming! in a week and a half we kick off the 2nd Tiny Mardi Gras / Carnivale on the Raglan Shire Cluster!  More info to come but here’s a quick peek at whats coming! *Drumroll*

Tiny Mardi gras on Raglan runs from February 28th for 3 weekends and ends on March 15th!

Look for the Raglan Tiny French Quarter on the Shire in the coming days!

We’ll be having Costume parties to choose the King & Queen of Mardi Gras.. who will be presiding over the Grand Ball on the final weekend! We’ll be having Themed dances and contests, We’ll be having our 2nd Kings Cake Hunt for Cake & L$! We’ll be Having amazing live musical performances from talented musicians each of the 3 weekends! We’ll be treated to a mini performance of the new Show by THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Troupe! We’ll be holding the Gonzo Mardi Gras Parade once again and invite everyone to make their own parade float (float kit is already out at the Paw & Whisker!) as well! Plus lotta themed stuff like Mardi Gras themed classes at Raglan U and Mardi Gras themed Primtionary in between!

Check back for more info and look for details in world as well as keeping an eye on the Calendar both on the web page here and inworld!

Get Your beads and costumes ready!

Laissez le bontemps roulez!

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