Shire Times Editor and Machinimist – Chaffro Schoonmaker!

Chaffs been busy!

Shire Times Editor Chaffro and crew have released yet another entertaining and fun issue of the Shires very own newspaper!  This months issue has articles about the Winterfest, Fashion, OP Eds as well as other assorted fantabulousness:) Sent via notices and soon available at all Shire Times newspaper boxes about the Shire, The Times has been printed and distributed for all to read bi monthly since august of 2007! The very first 2 issues were printed up and distributed on notecards before making the jump to the current incarnation!

In addition, Chaffs just released a NEW Machinima video starring a cast of dozens and dozens of tinies & friends from the Shire in a most excellent and entertaining tour de force of cinema .. Tiny Style! You can see the new flick at the following URL:

Chaffs put out some fabulously Entertaining Pieces in the last few months, so much so that The Hippo of Raglan , representative of the Raglan Academy of Film & sciences has awarded him with the coveted “Best Tiny Director Award” which as everyone knows, holds more prestige then even the Oscar for best Director! So congratulations are in order! Well Don Chaff 😀

7 thoughts on “Shire Times Editor and Machinimist – Chaffro Schoonmaker!”

  1. I made my hubby watch the video since I was in it…for 1/2 second…at the end. He is not on SL and was absolutely speechless! In fact, his exact words were “I’m not often speechless, but this…” and 2 minutes later he was humming Hamster on a Piano. Tinies Rock! Thanks Chaff!!

  2. Um…I am speechless. Literally – I prepared nothing!

    Thankyou very much. I only do what I do because I believe it helps the community. The newspaper I think is a nice touch to Shire life; to me, it serves as a ‘constant’ in our often changing landscape, and I know some people often miss out on things, so it’s a nice thing to have to hand.

    As for the machinima, it’s an aspect of creativity that for me, I have been waiting YEARS to have the opportunity to do – to film and edit stuff and have something to show folk and (hopefully) have them enjoy.

    However, overall, it’s the support I get from the community that allows me the opportunities to do these things, so thankyou to everyone for that support. I can’t do this stuff on my own, so if it’s done at all and done well, it’s thanks to many other folk.

  3. WOOOOOOO!!!! Totally awesome work from a very talented bunny! Love the Times, love the films…great speech, too! 😀

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