We can haz Classifieds!

Raglan Shire Classifieds

It’s here, and it will be BIG: the Raglan Classifieds!

It’s fun and it’s free as usual ;o]

If you’re an Artisan of Raglan, you can place ads with pictures and SLURLs. If you’re a tiny looking for wares, you can enter many convenient categories or use the Search function.

We need YOUR help, Artisans, to fill it – so go register and place your ads!
We need YOUR help, Customers, to make it worth while – so go visit the Classifieds often!

You can find the Classifieds by clicking the link in the navigation bar of this page.
The web adress is http://raglanshire.com/rsclassifieds/

Reminder: This is ONLY for Merchants who have Shops and Land on The Raglan Cluster.

This is our way of showing appreciation for you all for helping make the enormous amount of public areas on the Shire possible! We hope this will help you all increase sales and awareness with this tool 🙂

9 thoughts on “We can haz Classifieds!”

  1. WTG BO! This is a great tool for the Raglan Merchants to use to increase visibility and sales and a great place for shoppers to come and use when not in world or pressed for time 🙂

  2. Greeaatt idea :-)))
    Fantastic 🙂
    BO, TinEbay, thats a wonderful platform!

    p.s. : One idea: a new category: “freebies” ???

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