Rare appearance by a Tiny Legend!

Ladies & Gentletinies, May we present BETTY BARBECUE!

A few nights ago, Betty Barbecue, creator of many foods and beverages beloved by Tiny folken made a very rare appearance on the Shire to visit and say hi! Betty is a very creative & funny orange cat (with a very happy face) who long before the Shire came into being was happily creating food stuffs for tinys to enjoy and consume. She was one of the founding shop owners on Raglan Shire in the beginning where she ran her Tiny Delicatessen where tinys could buy sandwiches, drinks, cookies, and have a seat at the counter or at a table and happily enjoy a nibble and if she was there in person, she’d personally make you a sandwich! A beloved member of the early tiny community, it was very nice to see her again and we took her on a tour of the Shire to show her all the changes that have popped up since last she was on so long ago.  Come back & visit more often Betty!! We miss you!

Betty’s Food & Beverages are NOW available at The Herons Tavern on the Wharf located on Heron Shire!

4 thoughts on “Rare appearance by a Tiny Legend!”

  1. W000t!
    In the beginning, when there only was Raglan and Heron and Athen Shire, I had a little ground hut just beside where Betty’s shop was. I never got a chance to meet her tho, but everyone seemed very fond of her.

    Thanks for stopping by Betty, don’t be a stranger now! 😀

  2. I miss Betty B. I was gutted I missed her appearance yesterday (check out the original style Wynx-kitten too!) Her little Deli was a great marker in the original Shire, and her products are very much missed (and often needed), so I am so pleased that she will be plugging a sandwich vending machine into the building next to my shop!

  3. She also had a TTC (Tiny Trading Card) made in the short time she was on the other night and in true collector card shrewdness, she set her card to NO COPY making her TTC an extrememely RARE card to be able to get! DUN DUN DUNNN…

  4. Hey that’s me! 😀

    I am trying not to be a stranger! There is just so much that needs DOING and not enough hours for the sleeping. (Kitties need 21.5 hours of sleep a day you know. To keep at the top of our game.)

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