Raglan Shires New Welcome Center Plus Extras!

Welcome to the Shire!

Azelle & Bo worked very hard to revamp the new Raglan Welcome Center which is housed on the platforms of the tree city. The new Welcome Center improves upon the previous and has comfy seating, freebies, tons of info and landmarks for new tinies to delve into the tiny world and get acclimated quickly! SLURL to the Welcome Center is here:



The Raglan Shire Tree Gallery (Teal Freenote Curator), Also located on the Tree Platforms and which showcases 2 artists from the Shire every 2 months is NOW displaying real life photography by Copper Mistral and Shadow Marlin! We love Art in the Shire and the Art Platform is a great place to get aquainted with our Tiny friends who express themselves with their ART! Tiny Artists… BIG ART!!  SLURL is here:


2 thoughts on “Raglan Shires New Welcome Center Plus Extras!”

  1. wow – new welcome center is amazing. Saw it in an early build and it was great already then. Captures the spirit of raglan 🙂

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