2008 Recap & Happy New Years!


The New Years Eve party was an amazing affair. Lasting 10+ hours and ringing in the New Year across 10 time zones, The Friends of Raglan Shire put on the most bombastic crazy party in all of SL!  It started at 2pm SLT and never let up once right up until the final ball drop at 12 midnight SLT. Folks came and danced to tunes played by our 3 DJ’s, were treated to amazing fireworks from Shmoo Snook for each ball drop including the GONZO final DIsplay which lasted for 30 minutes and generally enjoyed the swag, Lazer light show, prizes and general good cheer that only throngs of tinies can muster! We has excellent energy!

Thanks to everyone involved for making the Party such wild fun!

2008 – The Year in Review

2008 was a hard year for many in the real world, but in Second Life, We in the Raglan Shire community had an amazing year! A year ago January, Raglan Shire became a Class5 sim & The Raglan Commons Sim came into being. In Late February we had our first Mardi Gras which was incredible, housing a Tiny French Quarter and having the finest Parade of Floats seen anywhere. in March we had The Spring Fling as well as the 2 weekend Tiny Hawaian Luau complete with transformed Tropical Beach and Tiny Surfing! In April The Raglan Galaxy Sim was brought online as we celebrated the 1 year Birthday of The Raglan Shire Community with a month long Birthday Science Fiction Celebration as we unveiled the Tiny International Space Station which is high above The Galaxy sim in orbit. 

In May, Morning Shire was added to the Raglan Cluster and this very blog was launched this same month! In June The Extrovirtual sim was added as well and Raglan Shire underwent a Major revamp to its current layout which now includes the Silica Cubicle (The Raglan Sandbox)! The 3rd Raglan Shire Artwalk also took place across 3 sims with over 75 artists displaying works.! In July we had the Incredible Tiny Olympics which lasted all month into August. We had The Camping and Ghost Story Event in August and were treated to a night of Theater by the Amazing Traveling performance Troupe, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!  September brought our 2nd Raglan Medieval Festival which spanned the entire month and was besplendant with all sorts of Medieval themed items and costumes! We even had 2 of our own wed within the Raglan Castle walls amid much celebration!

October ushered in All Hallows Eve and we celebrated the entire month with spooky decor across the sims as a Haunted House sprang up along with a eerie spooky swamp and Haunted Carnivale area. The Heron Shire Forest underwent major transformation into a frightenting place for unwary tinies to travel through and high above, the Tiny Freak Show displayed terrifying tiny oddities for all to see! In November The 2nd Raglan Shire Tiny Talent Show took place with acts by members of the community entertaining a packed throng of tiny spectators!  And finally December blew in with cold temperatures and much snowfall as The 2nd Winterfest on the Shire took place throughout the entire month as once again the entire cluster was transformed into a Winter Wonderland comeplete with ice skating, A Ski Hill, amazing decorations, Tiny Caroling and much much celebration!

You can read about all of the above in this very blog from earlier entries and it should also be noted that throughout the entire year we were also graced by musical performances by talented live musicians, tons of activities, creativity by residents and many MANY new friends who joined our family in 2008.

Raglan Shire has become a place very special in Second Life and it is truly a labor of Love for many of us who strive to make the Shire a friendly, creative , welcoming and unique place for all of us and visitors alike to enjoy. For me personally, It is a place that i am so proud to be a part of!  Where people can come together and be encouraged to participate, create and make something greater then the sum of its parts. Collaboration without personal agenda is something I have found in the real world to be quite difficult and yet, we have been able to do just this with a minimum of obstacles and drama.

Everyone involved who have contributed be it small or large has my unending respect, love and support and we all should be proud of whats been accomplished so far, and with luck , can continue to do in the coming year!


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  1. Happy New Year to everybunny! Thank you to each and every person who has helped make this community such a great one to hang around in these past 12 months, and here’s to more fun in 2009!

  2. If the year of 2009 is half as good as this endless energetic creative awesome carring and fun New Year Raglan Tiny Party, it will be a hell of a great year ahead. Laugh and Peace and all the good waffles to all

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