Xmas is over, BRING ON THE NEW YEAR!

Steamrolling our Way To 2009!

Zomg0zz0rz, Christmas has come and went and we had a Wicked Awesome Time! On Christmas Eve there were TWO parties on THE GREAT TREE STEVE with Jane & DJ Rocky Hosting the fabulous Sekret Santa party and then Legolas and DJ Blodwynna hosting a Xmas Eve Party later that day. Tinies were dancing up a storm in droves and looking spectacular while doing it! Gifts & Cards were exchanged, Waffles & Eggnog were consumed and everyone danced and Riverdanced the night away!

Christmas Day brought more celebration with parties and gifts and good cheer as TInys reveled with friends and family and continues to spread the cheer by going forth again in packs to carole for residents about the Grid!

With Christmas past us, its now time to usher in the New Year with a Megatastical, Insane Tiny New Years Party of Epic proportion.. The Kind of party that you look at, then blink, then look again… HARD… then blink again.. then look AGAIN… SHAKE your head, Look again and then just throw up your arms and go.. WOT THE FLOCK!!!!  Thats right! Its gonna be THAT kinda party… but then again…. Thats just how we are on the Shire… Insanity isnt so bad .. really..   ANYHOOO…

NEW YEARS EVE! from 2 pm until 12 Midnight SLT  (and beyond)…

ITS A NEW YEARS EVE PARTY CROSS ALL TIME ZONES…..  Thats right! 10 hours of Madness on a Ginormous Party platform with LAZER LIGHTING and a FREAKING HUGE LAZER Dance Floor! We have A GIANT BALL that will drop and there will be Fireworks plus CRAZY New Years Decorations and Extras!  Dj Rocky, DJ Bunneh & DJ Hippo Heron will be spinning tunes for folks during the entire gala so folks can easily get their New Years Groove on!

So put on your New Years best and join us cuz everyones invited to Ring in the New Years ..


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  1. ya well, we’re tinies, we dont really do all that science and math stuff… that would mean proper research and paying attention and… OH SHINEY… *wanders off*


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