The First Waff-EL, The Tinies did Sing….

Wow, we’re almost halfway through December! EEEEK!  So Far Winterfest on the Shire has been Spectacular! Last weekend we had a wicked fun Ski Party at Mount Waffle on saturday and an AWESOME performance by Singer/Songwriter/musician Tallguy Kidd who performed at the Ice Rink on Raglan Shire in front of a packed crowd of folks who were quite enthusiastic in their Kazoo accompaniment!

The Community Tree has been decorated with ornaments made by Raglans Artisans and is looking amazing! We have the best tree in all of SL!  All it needs is the TREE TOPPER!!  Heres some Details about that…   If you’re planning on entering the contest, you have until 2pm this SUNDAY the 14th to get me a pic(s) and a copy of your tree topper! AFter 2pm Sunday the Contest entries are closed and we will give everyone a chance to then vote on their fav Tree Topper! More info on how to vote later!

Still about 7 bases left to enter the Ice Sculpty Sculpture Contest too! Quite a few Ice Sculptures are up at the Ice Sculpture garden right now and they look FAB!  Look for a post on how to vote for that as well soon!

Be sure and sign up for the Raglan Shire SEKRET SANTA too! You have until December 16th to drop a notecard with your name on it into the Sekret Santa Entry Booth which is by the Ice Sculpture Garden near the Community Tree. On December 16th, folks will be given a LM to the TOP SEKRET area where you will go to choose a Gift box that will tell you who your SEKRET SANTA Recipient will be 😀

Artisans are also encouraged to partipate in the WINTER TREK on The Shire! place a freebie out at your Shop or cottage or land on the Shire and drop a Notecard into the Winter Trek box (next to the Sekret Santa Box) and Eleanora will place a marker at your location and mark it on a map that folks can pick up when they take The Trek! A great way for folks to travel about the Shire and see all the wonderful sites we have and get Winter SWAG! 🙂

Lots more activities coming! This weekend its A Xmas themed Movie at the Theater Dome hosted by The Movie Mammoth of Raglan today at 11 am, a Winterfest Trivia Party & Dance tonight at the Herons Tavern on Heron Shire as Legolas and Blodwynna Host from 6pm SLT – 8pm SLT and Sunday is the WINTER FORMAL DANCE at the Great Tree Steve hosted by Lani!

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the Winterfest lodge on Raglan Shire where theres tons of Artisan made winterfest themed wares and clothes, or take a skate at the Skating rink, or Ski down Mount Waffle (Be sure and ride the ski lift up!)  or walk through the Winterized Heron Shire Forest and look at the Animated Snowman exhibit or take a Winter themed class at Raglan University!  CHEEZ AND RICE! WINTERFEST! ITS IN TENTS!



  1. I am officially gutted. It sounds like you’re having so much fun! So much for December being a relatively event-free month! Once again the community proves that they will always make the best of any situation and environment and make it an absolutely fabulous success! I just wish I was there to share the fun with you all!

    Good job everyone, keep up the outstanding work!

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