ZOMG! Another Contest! w000t!

So we mentioned the first Contest of the Winterfest a few days ago which again is the Ice Sculpture Sculpty contest which you can read about below. Today its the info regarding the TREE TOPPER Contest! We need a TREE TOPPER for the Community Tree on Raglan Shire at the Winterfest Village! So like last year we’re inviting anyone from the Friends of Raglan Shire or the Artisans of Raglan Shire to dip into your creative wells and make THE Tree Topper for the tree!  The Current tree Topper is just a placeholder for the real deal! 🙂


Entrees can be up to 35 prims for the Tree Topper!

We’re looking for something whimsical and magical in the spirit of the Shire to top the community Tree. Whatever your vision may be, feel free to explore that vision!

After you have created your Tree Topper, Take it somewhere like the Silica Cubicle, Rez it and take pictures to send to Zayn TIll (thats me!) I’ll post them on the web for all to see and in a 10 days we’ll have the community vote on their favorites via the Web page here. (more details on that to follow when the time approaches)

We may also have All tree Toppers displayed on the Winter Forest on Heron Shire a few days before the final voting for THE Topper!

Winner will receive $1000L and SWAG!



2 thoughts on “TREE TOPPER CONTEST!”

  1. So this is due then when? Sat. Dec 13? I just started makin mine today, lol.

    So far its uber cute. we shall see if I can keep it under 87 prims.

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